Interview with Esta Polyesta

Interview with Esta Polyesta

Ecstatic Dance. Interview with Esta Polyesta. At "The Source", Arambol, Goa, India. 2019.

In this film talented Esta speaks about the meaning of Ecstatic Dance phenomenon. She explains how she creates this wonderful free flow journey for people. And also, Esta shares her story and tells how she became an Ecstatic Dance Dj. It’s a really special story from the heart to heart. Esta was born in the Netherlands. And now she is doing Ecstatic Dance everywhere in the world!

“I think, the world is ready. The dance revolution is going on in the world. Our natural state as human beings is as a dancer. After big festivals and raves, we are ready to transform and truly dance all our emotions. Now mostly in Ecstatic Dance people dance their happiness. But really, I hope we can dance all our emotions. And I hope everybody will be doing it at least ones a month. To free yourself from everything!” (Esta Polyesta)

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