Nykkyo Energy DJ

Nykkyo Energy DJ

Nykkyo Energy DJ

A energetic musical experience: therapeutical DJ set by healer, therapist, DJ and producer using several analog, digital and quantum techniques

A energetic musical experience: therapeutical DJ set by healer, therapist, DJ and producer using several analog, digital quantum techniques, with divine assistance. For example DNA activation, aura & karma clearings, heart activation, self limited believes clearings, among other clearings and activations. With the use of divine tools like God/Source Scalar Wave Sacred Codes, Quantum Scalar Wave Antenna, resonance, subtle energies, brainwaves, nature sounds, scents of essences, projections and music. This all adds litterally extra dimension to the healing power of music and dance. It is a complete new healing technique and unique in the world, which is fun and heart opening bringing you back to now. Opening yourself to your full potential. This is an experience where all senses are used, where blocks disolves and body moves, even on a quantum level!

Nykkyo is known for his ultimate deep layered emotional music and high energy outburts, which brings many a dancer to new unknown parts of themselves. Dissolving blocks which bring them more to the authentic self. Also known at many festivals and conscious dance parties like Mysteryland, Mandala, Hieros Gamos, OpenUP, D.E.E.P and many more, He is resident Ecstatic Dance DJ at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht, Zutphen, Breda and Groningen and of course seen many guest performances at Ecstatic Dance around Netherlands and Europe. He founded now recenlty a new radio station, Ecstatic Dance Radio. To inspire the world to dance everyday!

Nykkyo is a project from Eduard Eieyani from Chintamania and Divine Tools. Eduard Eieyani is a Dutch based international counselor and lecturer with a holistic point of view. He enables the power of people to live in line with their greatest desires, purpose and wisdom. Next to being a lecturer and therapist he has been 34 years a dj and producer releasing music on labels like Global Underground, Pacha Recording, Spinnin' Records, while performing worldwide under different artist monnikers. Knowledgeable and experienced as he is, he unveils the mystery of life force and manifesting reality. Specialized in activation lectures, (group) healings, quantum physics, developing divine tools and recoding reality. Go Osh brings, with his project Nykkyo Energy DJ, subtle high and healing frequencies, fusing them with rhythms to the dance floor. An complete group clearing and activation experience that impacts the collective Human Kind, each dance again!

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