Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

Every week, Fridays (19:30 - 22:00)

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Ecstatic Dance Utrecht – Utrecht is like the little sister city of Amsterdam. Beautiful canals, young crowds and a very friendly atmosphere.

Ecstatic Dance saw the light on January 9th, 2015. Founded by us, Lale and Marcoleon, a couple since 2003 and explorers of body, mind & soul work since 2007.

We’ve been working for years in the field of movement, physical and mental wellbeing and were taken by the impact Ecstatic Dance has on a larger group at once. The liberation experienced - after dancing all waves, colors and shapes, deep caves and mountain peaks – were so profound that we wanted to host it in our town Utrecht.

Rooted in healing work, our dances contain much more then the eye can see. Magic all around, supported by our team, DJ's, a beautiful space with windows from floor till ceiling, our own special dance floor and a warm inviting tribe. The perfect base of our weekly dances. We are touched that our dancers are trusting the safe space we provide. And are always driven to simply offer the best; the best DJs, ceremony leaders, space team, dancefloor and the best Marcoléon and I can give. If we can become the best version for you, you can become your best version.

We’ve got 5 resident DJ's & 1 LIVE band and all of them are unique in their art. All of them understand the power of sound and dance, all of them are medicine DJ's/musicians.

DJ PeTro – Our resident from the very beginning! PeTro (founder ED Rotterdam) loves the electronic highs, well combine that with his live percussion mixed into his set….. earth & sky are your dancing realms.

Nykkyo Energy DJ – brings way more to the dancefloor, embedding the ocean, the mountains, the star systems and the unseen. An evening with the bonus of Subtle Energies & Sacred Coding brushing our dance.

DJ Esta Polyesta - is the colorful explosive one, our rebel with a cause rooted in global sounds. Esta has been with us for 5 years and the most traveled DJ of the (Ecstatic) world.

DJ Yarun Dee - As Medicine Man, Yarun provides the exact dose we need. Mixing in the jungle and the dessert. Dance is the medicine and the dancefloor is the healing field.

DJ De Nachtpapagaai – Our crazy bird, a young and adventurous in his music and always with an ecstatic explosion. Explore the depths trough lightness.

LIVE band – Dragonfly - 5 professional and warmhearted musicians share their hearts and sound in order to create the Ecstatic flow. In their ultimate form of creation, they’re improvising every note and together with our ceremony leader, a shamanic realm is our dance space.

When visiting The Netherlands, be welcome to join our Friday nights! For more info and events see Facebook or visit

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